Love and astrology


Welcome! Love and Astrology leads you to what natal charts and sun signs reveal about love, relationships, matching (or not) and the right moment of meeting a partner. There is information about matching sun signs and not matching sun sings, about matching birthdays and other ways to find the keys in a relationship. For example, when you share aspects it is like when you share certain preferences, ideas, activities, experiences or bounds that started the relationship and may be important for the continuation (or not). First let’s do the birthday check.Later you can see the match of your sun sign and if you are advanced in astrology you might want to read about those shared aspects, too.

Do your birthdays match (and how?)

Astromarkt has a tool to quickly see if your sun sign matches your partner’s sign or if your Venus, Mars or Moon are matching. And, there is more than matching signs. However, it takes some knowledge of astrology to see if you and your partner share aspects (I mean that you have the same planets connected by an aspect, not necessarily the same kind of aspect) or to see if your positions make aspects with your partner’s chart (that is called: synastry). What if you just want to see if your days of birth are matching and how? Here you can see if there is an important aspect between the suns of you and your partner and what it means, or: How does your birthday match with your partner’s? Just check it, for fun.

Every birthday has a number for each degree of the sun. There are 360 degrees. It is simple: day number 1 – day number 2 and then see what the result means. Attention: if one of the number is > larger than 180, than ad 360 degrees with the smallest number. If you don’t find the result related to an aspect in the list, then go to ‘Matching’ (see the menu)


1. You born February 11 (number 322) and he born December 2 (250). Difference = 72. That is between 70.5 and 73.5 and that means that you two are able to create your own special world together.

2. You born April 1, he born May 17. Difference (56-11) = 45. Living together is sometimes a frustrating challenge for both of you.

3. A more difficult example:

June 1 and December 31 (70 and 279=430 en 279=151). 


January 1 (281) 15 (295) 30 (310) (Example: January 20 januari = 295+5=300)

February 1 (312) 15 (326)

March 1 (340), 15 (354), 30 (10)

April 1 (11(, 15 (25) 30 (40)

May 1 (41), 15 (54), 30 (69)

June 1 (70), 15 (84), 30 (98)

July 1 (99), 11 (109) 21 (118) en 31 (128)

August 1 (129), 15 (142), 30 (157)

September 1 (158), 11 (168), 15 (172), 30 (188)

October 1 (187), 11 (198), 15 (202), 31 (217) (NB 5 oktober = 187+4=191)

November 1 (218) 11 (229), 21 (230)

December 1 (249), 11 (259), 21 (269), 31 (279)


0-5 Living together as ONE

43-47 Sometimes living together is a frustrating challenge

50-53 You know how to learn to live together

57-63 You accept each other as you are

66-69 Living together is sometimes frustrating, but challenging

70.5 – 73.5 You can create your own little world

85-95 Opposites attract each other (and sometimes fight each otherJ

115-125 You are the lights in each other’s life

133-137 Sometimes frustrating, but attractive

148-152 One of the two has to surrender, there is little balance

163-167 You are almost obsessed and stick like glue

175-185 Completely different, there must be something else that keeps you going

Of course, this is not the complete story of your partnership, but just one (important) part of it. And remember, if you don’t find the result related to an aspect in the list, see Matching (in the menu).


Ephemeris of for the degree of your Sunsign.

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