Mars in synastry



Why do people want a partner who give them a kick (or kick them)? That is a question that won’t be answered here. This article is about the stimulating and sometimes painful effect of Mars. When Mars is in (hard) aspect with the Sun or Mars of your partner, you may expect fire. Mars is the symbol of energy, action, competition, sex and war. Mars kicks.

MARS-MARS synastry

Mars is fire and fire is warm, hot and often painful. Maybe that is why there are so many examples of conflicts of Mars in synastry in the charts of divorced couples. I quote my blog ‘Astropost’ on Mars-Mars synastry to give you some examples:

When people join action, energy and drives for the same goal, like in a team, they stimulate each other, they are productive and they achieve something. That is why Mars-Mars synastry is so effective at the beginning, when things get started and done. Unfortunately Mars-Mars synastry tends to burn each other. The fuel has been used at the beginning and it takes new fuel, more and more, to keep the fire burning. If there is no joined objective, the couple tends to start hurting each other. Unless there is a lot of sympathy and love, they may become rivals in a battle about parenthood, for example. In a football team Mars square Mars helps to fight the ‘enemy’, but in the end the two may meet each other fighting for different teams.

Competition is evident when Mars hits Mars.

SUN-MARS synastry

In cultures with male supremacy it will be almost impossible to have a relationship when his Sun is square her Mars or vice versa. One is ’the boss’ and the other one keeps stimulating, kicking and targetting.  At the beginning the Sun-person really gets a kick out of the Mars-person, but later the Mars-person kicks harder. There is competition and though that may be challenging, it is also a source of anger. When it is the woman’s Mars, she will have a hard time to see her husband as the dominating male and tries to push him (maybe too much). When it is the man’s Mars he will have problems with her life style and with the way that she acts as if she is the boss.  Those problems will be more manifest in a culture or on a certain social level that demands a subjective role for females. But what if the man is the king?

Willem Alexander of the Netherlands has a 7th degree Sun in Taurus. His very popular wife Maxima has her Mars in the 7th degree of Aquarius. When they appear in public, the public shouts ‘ Maxima!’. He is the king, she is the queen because of her marriage with him. But in the polls, she reigns. In an interview on April 17, 2013, two weeks before the abdication of Queen Beatrix, she said that she kicked her husband when he almost reveiled that he would be king on April 30 2013. The Sun square Mars is kicking!:) But he will always be the king.

MARS in synastry: kicking or a pain…!

Depending on other aspects between partners’ charts and depending on circumstances like culture, gender and social position, Mars will show up as a kick or as a pain, but always as a sword that cuts on two sides. Mars will stimulate you (when you use Mars wisely). But as Mars is the symbol of war and fire, Mars can also be the symbol of getting hurt or hurting others. Isn’t Mars also the symbol of the person that you meet, mostly when you are in pain (the dentist!)?

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